Risk management

A vision that goes beyond compliance

78% of business leaders around the world consider the multiplication of regulations as the main obstacle to the growth of their business. But only 35% anticipate regulatory risks that could compromise their strategy. And yet, these risks can also become opportunities, a differentiating element of competitiveness.

Aspects covered by a "Risk & Compliance" or "Risk Prevention" department.

Icon for My understanding of the context.

My understanding of the context.

Icon for My commitment to risk management.

My commitment to risk management.

Icon for Assignment of roles, authorities, and responsibilities.

Assignment of roles, authorities, and responsibilities.

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Resource allocation.

Our ability to support your reflection and offer you tailor-made solutions.

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An organization

what are the means to engage? What is the right positioning in the organizational chart to ensure its effectiveness? How will it work with other company functions or sites?

Icon for A methodology

A methodology

How can I use risk prevention to secure my Business Plan? Can it be a competitive advantage? How do I empower the functions in this process? What are my regulatory constraints? What is my risk acceptability?

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The methods of steering

How to manage the treatment of these risks? How to ensure the involvement of all employees? How to control the coherence of the whole? How to control and demonstrate the return on investment of a risk treatment plan? Comment contrôler et démontrer le retour sur investissement d’un plan de traitement des risques ?

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Crisis management

Am I able to cope with a crisis? Who makes up the crisis unit? What are the impacts on the image of my company?

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