GDPR compliance

Uncomplicated, simple, clear, and pragmatic GDPR compliance to:

  • - Strengthen the trust of your customers, prospects, and employees, to enhance your image as a responsible company.
  • - Improve your business efficiency and data security.
  • - Develop your business by reassuring your customers and contractors.

Our solutions for your GDPR compliance needs

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Compliance audit

SECCOM supports you to implement your compliance.

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Trusted partner of your development, SECCOM Consulting accompanies you throughout this process.

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Training and coaching

SECCOM offers co-worker awareness and skills transfer to your GDPR DPO or referent.

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DPO Outsourced

Outsourcing the DPO function with SECCOM Consulting is a guarantee of successful GDPR compliance. It is also an effective way to reassure your customers and partners.

Why choose SECCOM?

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For whom?

From the artisan to the large multi-national structure, all are concerned by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) since 2018. Classification, control, rules of diffusion, information can be entirely managed by a global protection policy.

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SECCOM Consulting wants to make a strong commitment to support these small to large companies towards this compliance. We know how to make simple what may seem complex and demonstrate how this compliance can be a real competitive advantage for your business.

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A follow-up on the long term

Because each entity changes, SECCOM Consulting offers follow-up as part of accessible packages. An outsourced DPO is also possible.

Why not talk about it?

We undrestand that the choice of your consultant is an engaging choice, and this is why we propose to discuss, without obligation, in order to define your needs, your objectives and your budget.